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50% Match on Donations

Growing your donation
Growing your donation

Time is running out – create your endowment fund now

If you’re thinking about creating an endowment fund, please get in touch now.

For every pound you put into your fund, the Government will add 50p. But only until the end of October.

We’ve raised almost £3m this way since 2011. And the Government has pledged to give us £1.1m more which is ring-fenced just for London. But it will only let us have the money to match your donations.

If we can’t find more people to create endowment funds, that pot of money will disappear on October 31, 2014.

So we need your help to make a difference in our city. Please get in touch today. You don’t have to commit straight away. We’d just like to tell you more about what’s involved.

Call Naomi Howgate on 020 7582 5117 or email

A way to make your kindness last

Endowment giving is a great way to help people and communities across London. 

We invest your money and use the income it generates to support the projects you choose. Because we never dip into the fund itself, your generosity will help Londoners for years to come.