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Food For London

About the Fund

The Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund was set up in 2010 to help grassroots charities tackling poverty, inequality and exclusion across the capital. The Fund is a restricted fund of The London Community Foundation. Each year, the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund focuses on a particular theme, which has previously included supporting young people out of gang activity, using football coaching as an agent for social change and funding communities and neighbourhoods through the Estates programme. 

In 2016/17 the Fund will shine a light on the disconnect between the high levels of food poverty that exist in London and the tonnes of surplus food that is thrown away, sent to anaerobic digestion or is fed to animals. Food for London will provide support to groups and charities who are using creative ways to repurpose surplus food or provide solutions to address hunger and food waste in London. This £320,000 open grants programme is funded by Citi, D&D London and the Dispossessed Fund.

The Aim of the Fund

The aim is to turn edible food surplus into a social solution. We believe that many groups across London are using and developing ingenious and resourceful ways to reduce food waste, to repurpose surplus food and to provide food to help feed those experiencing food poverty. Whilst there is a prevalence of food banks offering dry goods and valuable services to those most in need, there seems to be increasingly limited support for the hundreds of groups and clubs who aim to provide nutritious, healthy and reliable sources of fresh food to those experiencing poverty, hunger and isolation in the Capital.  There is also a need to provide support to those groups who are developing new ideas and adopting different approaches to reduce food waste and redistribute surplus food.


Through this fund, we want to support groups working across London who are turning edible food surplus into a social solution; who are diverting food that is fit for human consumption away from being wasted and using it to feed people in need; who are developing solutions to improve how food is redistributed; who are striving to reduce food waste at production or store level and in the home; and who are directly delivering solutions to alleviate hunger and food poverty in London. We are also keen to support projects that encourage volunteering opportunities for people to get involved.

Grants of between £1,000 and £20,000 are available to support work where there is clear evidence of benefit to those experiencing food poverty, disadvantage or isolation in London.

To be eligible, all projects will need to demonstrate improvements for those experiencing food poverty. The range of projects will vary greatly but might cover the following areas:

  • Activities and services that reach people experiencing food poverty
  • Redistribution of edible surplus fresh food for the benefit of people in need (such as the homeless, the elderly for example)
  • Activities and initiatives tackling the issue of surplus food and food waste
  • Improving, purchasing or renting equipment or facilities to reach more people experiencing food poverty or those in need
  • Improving platforms or testing new ideas and approaches for repurposing food for the benefit of people experiencing food poverty or those in need
  • Providing fresh produce to those experiencing food poverty or isolation.

We are looking for proposals where applicants are able to demonstrate clear need and demand for the proposed projects. For larger grant requests, we would expect proposals to demonstrate how they will provide longer term benefits for participants and beneficiaries and deliver greater community impact.

Grant Size

Grants of minimum £1,000 and up to maximum £20,000 are available to support work where there is clear evidence of benefit to those experiencing food poverty, disadvantage or isolation in London or those reducing food waste.

It is extremely important to note that applicants should ONLY apply for the funds that you need to deliver your project or solution. It is anticipated that the level of funds requested will vary greatly due to the range of projects that are eligible to this programme.

Many groups will require low levels of funds to keep their operations going or buy new equipment; others may require more funds to scale up a proven operation or to test and develop new solutions. In all cases, applicants will be assessed against the evidence and level of need for the project AS WELL AS being assessed against the level of funds required to deliver the project. In all cases, your request should be appropriate to your level of experience, ability to deliver and evidence of need.

Who can Apply?

Constituted community groups, registered charities, companies limited by guarantee, social enterprises or Community Interest Companies (CIC’s) are all eligible to apply to the fund. Profit making organisations/enterprises may be eligible to apply provided they can demonstrate community benefit and that the funding will not be used to generate any profit for shareholders. If you are a profit making organisation, or you are in any doubt, please contact us before making your application.

How to Apply

To apply for a grant please visit:

Fund guidelines

Online application guidelines

Online application form

Income & Expenditure Forecast Template

The closing date for applications is Friday 11th November at 5pm.

Please contact The Programmes Team at The London Community Foundation if you need help with your application or have any queries about the Fund at 020 7582 5117.