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Building brighter futures across London

I am pleased to announce the publication of The London Community Foundation’s first ever Annual Review, which celebrates the incredible work taking place at grassroots level across London. It has been a phenomenal year of achievement for us, the groups we work with, and our supporters. And it’s great to see all these accomplishments in print.

Last year we awarded over £5m in nearly 1,000 grants to community projects across the capital. During the same period, we heard back from groups we support about the impressive impact they’re making. For example, 2,367 young people took part in projects diverting them away from anti-social behaviour; over 200,000 hours were spent volunteering with nearly 2,000 people engaging in regular volunteering for the first time, and almost 20,000 people connected or reconnected with social networks or support groups through a project. And with an average grant size of around £5,000, this is all even more remarkable.

We hope you find the impact and stories presented in this review inspiring. Click here to take a journey through London.

Published on 13 June 2017

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