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Over £5 million raised through the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund


Over £5million has been raised from a combination of public donations and companies towards the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund Grenfell Tower appeal. We are very moved by this incredible outpouring of support for those impacted by the Grenfell Tower fire.

We have already begun to distribute these funds to those in need, with our emergency relief programme including payments of £1,000 for each of the families in Grenfell Tower and grants of £5,000 made to 16 local community organisations who are providing assistance on the ground.

We have also joined a collaborative effort to support those affected with the British Red Cross, the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation and the London Emergencies Trust by consolidating money raised, including £1.2 million from the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund appeal, to make funds available for people to access as easily as possible. The next of kin for those who tragically lost their lives in the Grenfell fire are to receive an initial £20,000 and those seriously injured will receive up to an initial £10,000 when their details are released. Those made homeless will receive a 'fresh start' grant of £10,000 per family when they are permanently rehoused.

Published on 30 June 2017

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