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Building Communities in Coldharbour

An initiative which is working to improve Loughborough Junction and the surrounding area in Lambeth
An initiative which is working to improve Loughborough Junction and the surrounding area in Lambeth

Quick Summary
In areas of high deprivation, communities often need support to build on their existing skills and assets, in order to tackle local issues. Using an innovative community development model, LCF is piloting a programme that will bring co-ordinated and targeted investment to areas of high deprivation over a number of years, working with the community to increase resident engagement, participation, and improve quality of life. 

In Detail
Our community development initiative in Coldharbour ward, Lambeth, focuses on encouraging residents in Loughborough Junction and the surrounding area to contribute their skills, ideas and time to improving the area for the whole community. We are also working with donors to bring external investment to the area to provide services and facilities that help to tackle local issues identified by the community.  Using an Asset Based Community Development approach (ABCD) we are working with residents on the ground to turn their ideas into a reality, and we will be piloting community-led commissioning, supporting residents to shape the services delivered in their area.

In other areas, large-scale building and regeneration efforts are rapidly changing the face of London, triggering huge community upheaval and increasing the gap between the wealthy and those living on the poverty line. We are working with companies and local authorities to encourage philanthropy and to develop area-based funds that can support community action in the future.

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Victoria Warne
020 7582 5117

They say

“It’s just shocking how much hidden talent there is in the area, but no connected working. This event is a chance to make a start!”
Participant at the Loughborough Speaks community consultation, Spring 2011