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Donor Advised Funds - Individuals

Quick Summary

A Donor Advised Fund is a simple, cost effective and tailored way of making a difference to an area that interests you.

In Detail

You may be looking to give across a broad range of issues or perhaps there is something that really interests you - the urban environment, education and employment, mental health or the arts.  You may have thought about setting up your own charitable trust but are concerned about the legal and administrative burdens.  Or with a smaller amount to invest you might want to ensure that your giving is as effective as possible.  Either way, the Donor Advised Fund is a flexible model through which you:

  • Set the strategy and remit of your Fund from the outset and monitor it through its lifetime.
  • Choose projects to support.
  • Outsource the administrative burden of the grantmaking.
  • Benefit from the expertise and reach of LCF, with a dedicated Programme Manager as your contact.
  • You can focus on immediate impact, or build an endowment to provide a sustainable source of funding long into the future.  

You can set up a Donor Advised Fund from £50,000. We meet with you initially to discuss the focus of the fund, the kind of impact you want to make and practicalities such as the name of your Fund, whether you want anonymity, and how involved you and your family would like to be. Your Programme Manager designs a grantmaking programme that is tailored to your requirements and we use our extensive knowledge of the sector to help shape the strategy and make recommendations on direction. Once your Fund is set up, we take care of all the administration and due diligence:

  • Gift aid – Claiming gift aid and adding to your Fund.
  • Promoting availability – Finding projects for you to support.
  • Handling enquiries – on your behalf, to ensure they meet your criteria and follow application procedures.
  • Receiving and assessing applications – Our services include collation of all applications, initial eligibility check and full assessment. We look at strength of need for the project, breadth and depth of impact, financial health and track record.
  • Recommendations – Offering you a selection of fully assessed projects from which you can choose.
  • Informing applicants – After deciding on the projects you would like to support, the Foundation will inform all applicants of the outcome, and handle cheque payments. For projects that have been unsuccessful we may direct the group to our other funding streams. 
  • Reporting back to you – We monitor the use of the grant and keep you informed via an annual report on your Fund. 
  • Other benefits – include visits to meet the people your Fund is supporting, invitations to Foundation Events, our annual report and quarterly e-bulletins.

For More Information

Alex Le Vey
020 7582 5117

We say

"A Donor Advised Fund can help you to support a range of issues and causes that you are interested in and ensure that your donations are making a real difference on the ground."

They say

"We’ve worked with LCF for a few years now and have been very pleased with the way our relationship has developed. They’ve provided us with a number of interesting opportunities to support groups that we would never have been able to reach on our own."

Simon and Lynn Dodds