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What are Community Foundations?

LCF is the Community Foundation for London. It is one of 48 Community Foundations across the UK and is part of a movement that spans the globe, with more than a 1,800 Community Foundations in at least 69 countries.

Community Foundations are charities dedicated to strengthening local communities, creating opportunities and tackling issues of disadvantage and exclusion. Community Foundations target grants that make a genuine difference to the lives of local people. They manage funds donated by individuals and organisations, build endowment and act as a link between donors and local needs.

How long have you been working in London? How much have you given away?

We have been working in London since 1995, and have given away over £50 million to over 10,000 charitable projects. Last year alone we distributed over £5.3 million in grants.

What sort of things have you supported?

Over the years, LCF has supported a diverse range of projects - from helping the homeless and victims of crime to supporting lunch clubs for the elderly, environmental groups, emloyment schemes and mentoring for young people. We also fund activities targeted at supporting particularly disadvantaged and marginalised communities, and organisations tackling challenging issues, such as domestic violence and honor killings. Download our report Another Side of London to read more about some of the projects we have supported. 

How can I/my organisation donate?

In the Become a Donor section of our website, we have details of the full range of products we offer for those looking to give at any level.

Why give through LCF?

With nearly two decades of grantmaking experience and our grassroots knowledge of London and its communities, we can help you make an impact on an issue that interests you. We have funds which are suitable for all – individuals, companies, local authorities and central government as well as existing Trusts and Foundations.

Every day, hundreds of small charities and community groups provide vital services to local communities. This work can be easily overlooked. LCF is able to connect donors with these smaller organisations and deliver quality grantmaking to create change on the ground.  

Where do you work?

We fund projects across the whole of greater London, with some targeted funds in particular boroughs.  Visit our Apply for a Grant section to see which boroughs we currently have programmes in.

Why should we give through LCF, rather than directly to a charity?

As a potential donor, picking your way round the charitable world can be a difficult task. Who, what, where or how do you wish to help? This is where LCF comes in, offering our in-depth knowledge of local communities. As LCF is a registered charity, your entire donation goes to charity, and our flexible and personalised funds allow donors to specify how, where and over what time period their money is spent.

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"If you live in London it is very easy just to see the good bits. Friends' houses, the parks, the journey to work, the shops, the beautiful buildings, the river - in other words places where everyone is successful and in control of their lives. But spending some time with The London Community Foundation brought home to me that, if only you look sideways, you see so many parts of the London where people need serious help or support for a variety or reasons."
Sue Phipps