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Perspective on Giving - Nicholas Hammond

Why I Give

I first came into contact with The London Community Foundation (LCF) in 2006. Prior to that, like many people, I had little idea of what Community Foundations were, or of the fantastic work that they did. I attended a “Snowball” event organised by LCF in December, where I had the opportunity to meet individuals involved with some of the many varied projects that had benefited from LCF’s support and guidance. I also met the team at LCF and was immediately impressed by their calibre, drive and professionalism. I became a trustee the following year and have been a keen advocate ever since.

Enlightened giving to small, local, community-based projects is becoming increasingly popular, spurred on by the “Big Society” theme. I see this as a very positive trend not just socially, but also economically. Some people may already have an idea of where and how they want to give. However, many may not be so fortunate as, by definition, small community-based projects are not always easy to find and that is where The London Community Foundation can help.

Whether it be the Development Team finding potential donors and helping them with their giving plan or whether it be the Grants Team helping and guiding the potential recipients of funding through the application process – LCF plays a vital role throughout.

Most charities, particularly the small and lesser known variety, face a real challenge when seeking to secure donations to operating funds. However, such core funding is vital as, put simply, without it The London Community Foundation would not be able to function and do the great work that it does.

The Catalyst Fund offers two key attractions:

Firstly, it provides an opportunity to become as directly involved with the work of London Community Foundation as you would wish. Furthermore, by receiving regular updates, attending special Catalyst events (where you will meet staff, trustees and fellow Catalysts) and knowing that you are contributing all-important core funding, you become part of the “LCF family”.

Secondly, in essence, I see the Catalyst Fund as an opportunity to enhance one’s giving through what I think of as “charitable gearing”. I know that the money I donate to the Catalyst Fund is, in turn, helping LCF to find more donors and to help more recipients. Put another way, it is an extension of the oft-quoted ancient Chinese proverb: “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for the rest of his life”...

That is why I am happy to be a Catalyst and why I would encourage others to join us.