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The Opportunity Fund

No matter how good the care system is, it will never be able to replace a doting parent.

The Opportunity Fund has a simple mission to help bridge the gap!

We want people to donate so that children in care can partake in life-enhancing activities that some other children may take for granted, such as:

  • Taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Pursuing a passion like music, sport or art
  • Going on educational trips
  • Paying for driving lessons and tests

We think all kids deserve simple opportunities like these. If you agree, please sign up to give a small amount each month to change a young person’s life.

Case-study of child in care

I am a 17-year-old full time student living in foster care in Hammersmith & Fulham. Growing up, I adored going to shows to watch performers, and always dreamt of one day being on stage myself. I got some parts in school productions including the nurse in Romeo and Juliet, and Nancy in Oliver Twist, but never received any sort of training.

I also wanted to play the guitar or the piano, or take singing or ballet lessons, but there simply wasn’t money for any of my dreams to come true. I tried to convince myself that instead I wanted to be a writer, study English Literature and maybe go to university. But no matter how much I tried to make myself believe this, deep down I knew it wasn’t true.

Were it not for a friend one day recommending The Brit School of Performing Arts and Technology, I might not have been able to pursue this dream. Competing against 500 other people, I made an application and was lucky and apparently talented enough to get a place. However, if I had been able to apply for The Opportunity Fund at a time in my life when I needed it the most, I believe that I would have benefited immensely. While I was lucky enough to pursue my dreams, there are many children in care who do not have such luck and for whom, The Opportunity Fund will have a profoundly positive impact.

To Donate

You can donate to the Opportunity Fund with a cheque made payable to The London Community Foundation and send it back to us with this form to claim gift aid.

Alternatively, you can set up a direct debit, or one-off donation, online by clicking the button below.


For More Information:

Lucinda Shaw
020 7582 5117